Thursday, April 4, 2019

Wicked Wish by Sawyer Bennett

Several years ago I got on this very blog to give a rave review of a book titled Wicked Lust by Sawyer Bennett. Since then, I've embarked on an amazing journey reading all of the Sawyer Bennett books I can get my hands on. All of them excluding this spin off series, The Wicked Horse Vegas. Not because I didn't want to read them. Mostly, because I'm a giant nerd and wanted to save them for myself. I figured I would save WHV and read it when I was in a bit of a book slump. Well, here I am several years later after I finally remembered I was saving this for later.
Now...I read the first book Wicked Favor a few days ago and thought "OK OK I could potentially get into this but mmmm". My first worry was that while I did love Wicked Favor I just didn't think it was as good as the original Wicked Horse books. I think that stemmed from me not enjoying the characters as much. While I liked Jerico and Trista, (to an extent) I felt that their personalities were almost immature? My second issue was that I feel most of the conflict in the book could have been avoided had they just been open with eachother. That was a major face-palm for me. Like, be adults and practice being honest and open. That's most likely where I felt the immaturity, if I'm being honest. However, I loved the rest of the book and its characters. If I were reviewing it I would still give it a solid 3.8 Stars. Not that it matters because we're here to discuss a completely different book. I'm getting distracted and off topic OOPS. Back to my original thought which was...I read Wicked Favor and was worried that this series wasn't going to end up being as good as the original. I almost didn't continue reading because I didn't want to ruin one of my favored authors for myself. However, I bought Wicked Wish after reading the blurb regardless of my concerns. Let the record reflect that I am a sucker for a "brothers best friend" romance. I honestly can't pass one up. After purchasing my ebook, I let it sit for a few days. Then today at around five PM I sunk into my couch and became immersed in the sinful, sultry world of the Wicked Horse: Vegas.

From the minute I opened my Kindle app I was consumed. Sawyer Bennett killed it with this one. When Jorinda Pearce is invited to The Wicked Horse by a good friend for a masquerade party she can't say no. And why would she want to? After finding out about her husband cheating in her I think she probably adapted the thought "To get over one man, get under another".  They arrive and in no time at all they're discovering that someone is demonstrating a new sex toy. A sexy someone. He invites Jorie up to play. Little to her knowledge thanks to his black leather mask, that sexy someone is her brothers best friend Walsh. They get into it and after its already too late he recognizes Jorie. After he reveals himself to her and tells her that can never happen again she decides it wasn't enough and she wants more of what Walsh has to offer. Honestly who wouldn't? The way he's described I even want more. After that she decides to seduce him, pretty much. I'll leave the rest for you to read. 100% this storyline is obviously a favorite of mine. That is part of the reason I loved this book so much. Jorie is probably one of my top 5  Fave Sawyer Characters and that helps too. Walsh I like. and he is sexy as sin. But he's the whole reason I'm giving this book a 4 and not a 5. 
Not because I didn't like his character. That's not it at all. It's something his character did. And if/when you read this book there's very good chance you'll know exactly what I'm talking about the minute it happens. There are two big reasons why it bothered me to the extent that I'm taking a star away from this title. Without giving it totally away, the first reason I'm bothered is because I would be genuinely disgusted and embarrassed in that situation. The second reason I am docking a star is because CONSENT CONSENT CONSENT. I understand that being in a sex club there are a lot of things people are OK with or into. However! Being in a sex club does NOT excuse not getting express verbal consent from a partner to take pictures, videos, voice recordings, or anything of that nature. Obviously, security cameras may be in the club and members may have to sign a consent form for that. That doesn't mean someone doesn't have to get consent to take personal pictures or whatnot. For that very reason I give Wicked Wish 4 Stars. I do however highly recommend it, especially to all my kinky friends out there. When they say mature audience only, they definitely weren't playing. Happy reading!

Friday, May 26, 2017

The San Francisco Sullivan's series by Bella Andre

Have you ever gone into a book series expecting it to be "Meh OK" then gotten so sucked into the story, the characters, and the all around charm that you couldn't stop reading? That's exactly what happened to me with Bella Andres San Francisco Sullivan's. I kid you not, I read one book after the other. Kind of like when you're watching a movie and you're absent mindedly eating popcorn one fist-full after the next and then you look down and you're popcorn is gone and you have no clue how it happened. Sound familiar? No? Ok, so maybe that's just me but that's exactly like my experience with this series. I swear, I was going to review this series one book at a time but I couldn't find a good place to stop reading in between these books to sit down and write a review...or clean...or cook for myself...or get out of my pajamas...or even get out of my house! That was not fun to explain to my friends when asked why I didn't make it out with them this weekend. Apparently "I was reading" is not a good excuse.
I was in a book-coma. There is no coming out of a book-coma until you finish the series that put you there. Bella Andre writes one hell of a series and it's sure to put you in the exact same predicament.
This was my first Bella Andre book/series and I don't know why I was so surprised but I have a theory that it's because when I read sibling series, I notice a steady decline in the quality of the books. The last one is never as good as the first and the ones in between normally gradually take little steps down. Especially in longer series with 8 or 9 books in them. Few authors for me have been able to pull it off and do it well. One of those authors is Susan Mallery, another would be Linda Lael Miller, and a few others but now I can add Bella Andre to my list. Happily. I can't wait to dig into the Seattle Sullivan's series.
I think the worst part of this for me is I've had the books for well over a month and I kept passing them up because, as I've said, I half expected them to be "Meh OK". Take my advise please, and do not pass these books up! Everything about this series screams charm and sensuality, and it drips with romance and sweetness. Every character lives up to your hopes and more, and every book is as good as the last. In fact, I believe every book gets BETTER than the last and I didn't think that was possible. I will definitely be reading more of her books. I'm addicted now.

This series gets a 5/5. Hands down.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Alphas Challenge by Lauren Dane

Have you ever been really excited to read a series so you start your book right away, get halfway through, then realize it's not the first book to the series? I have! Actually, I do it all the damn time and this series is no exception. But I have to say I'm not all that broken up about it because this particular series is like a bunch of stand-alone books that kind of fit into eachother but have their own story-lines. I'm finding that I really like it! I've read books like this before but not out of order like this so I didn't realize how much easier it makes it to kind of read these stories at your own pace instead of one after the other. Kudos to Lauren Dane for choosing this approach for this series. It certainly made it easy for me to jump right in with Alphas Challenge.
As I first started reading Alphas Challenge I had an idea of what to expect but in all reality it's not what I got so I must say this is a pleasant surprise for me because I was expecting just your run of the mill, slightly interesting but sort of sloppy C rate paranormal romance. Which, in all honesty I get a hankering to read sometimes. I would not however, rate this book a C by any means. There were parts of this book that caught my interest for sure.One, the Tri-Bond ritual. Now...basically what the essence of the Tri-Bond is summed up to is that when a wolf finds their life-mate they have to create a Tri-Bond with another male wolf so that if something happens to the life-bonded male his female counterpart can draw on the strength of the Tri-Bonded male to survive. Show of hands, how many think this is sexiest??? That's a shame. I think it's just plain sexy. Not having just one, but two strong sexy hunks to draw strength from? Sign me up please! Two? The strength of the life-bond is Like you meet a guy and ten minutes later you have to do the do?I'm unsure of how I felt about this. But hey it made for interesting reading material. Three? The actual storyline of this book was so good. Evil brother, evil drug, lots of evil that had to be taken care of. I fully enjoyed it.
There were some downsides to the book. It was too short, and I looked at some of the other books in the series...they just get shorter. This is disappointing to me because I feel like these books can be better developed and easier to fully understand if they were longer. Not only that but the charaters were hard to relate to. And I was hoping to see more of the male charater that Cade and Grace Tri-Bonded with.
I will however be reading more of the Cascadia Wolves series.
Rate: 3.5 Stars