Monday, December 7, 2015

Atone by Beth Yarnall

There are not words for how captivating this book is. It's emotional and gripping. The story truly stays with you after you finish this book. Vera is one of the strongest, bravest, and most courageous characters I have read about to date and the more you find out about what she went through as this book goes on, the more respect you have for her. Beth Yarnall has not only written a romance that leaves you breathless, but she's called attention to a very real, very serious issue. Human sex trafficking is something that happens here in America as well as many other places in this world and as heartbreaking and blood-chilling as it is there are people that aren't even aware it's happening. This book may be a work of fiction, but the awareness it draws is real. Not only does it draw attention to that but Beau, the main male character, has also gone through the unthinkable. Wrongfully imprisoned for six years of his life, for a crime he never committed is a scar that will never fully heal. It happens people. Our justice system might work sufficiently but it is not without flaw. These two people find eachother, find safety and warmth with eachother, and be the best they can be for eachother. All while trying to find and save Vera's sister to save her from the same man that ruined the girl Vera once was, the same life that took her spirit and broke her. I felt sick on their behalf. I cried for this couple. I angered for them. The emotional roller-coaster was a rough ride.

This book is a beautiful thing. Truly a work of art. I can tell the author put thought and heart into every word, that it matters to her that the message of how Beau and Vera were effected by their mistreatments comes across as real so that maybe people think about it. My rating for this book is 5 Stars. The message of this book alone deserves that. The story was wonderful, the writing flawless, and the characters felt real. Fans of Law and Order: SVU this is a book for you.

An advanced readers copy was provided to me by the publishers in exchange for a honest review. This has in no was effected my rating on this book or the overall review.